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Boiler faults, should you repair or replace?

Boiler Faults and Boiler RepairA broken down boiler is a spectacularly useless bit of equipment! The house gets cold. Depending on the system there may be no hot water, and houses can start to get damp.

So, a heating engineer has visited and said that it will cost a considerable amount of money to repair it... Do you repair or replace?


There are several factors to take into consideration:

  • Has the boiler given much other (costly) trouble recently?
  • Do you trust your engineer’s advice?
  • Is the boiler very uneconomic to run?
  • Is the boiler a reasonably reputable make?
  • Are parts available?

Beware: Sometimes heating engineers will say that the boiler needs replacing simply to make more money fitting a replacement (a job that will normally cost upwards of £2000). One of the best  known National heating companies will claim that parts are not available for a boiler – when they are!

However, this doesn’t mean that the heating engineer’s view is necessarily wrong. On occasions we have suggested replacement, been asked to repair instead, and found ourselves back at the same boiler a few months later, when it has developed another fault. This can be a costly business.

Boiler Faults and Boiler RepairTo make the decision, you need to carefully weigh up the options. Get a second opinion if you are unsure.

There are many boiler manufacturers and choosing can be difficult. If you have an established relationship with a company, ask your engineers advice.

Find out how long the warranty lasts – and check that it is for both parts and labour for the whole length of the warranty. Don’t fit cheap – the labour is very costly. Ask yourself why the boiler is so cheap. There is a rule of thumb – ‘cheap boiler, expensive parts’!!!

We have scrapped several poor boilers that were less than 4 years old. A very poor investment.

It is always worth using the engineer who will maintain the boiler. They are much more likely to fit a good boiler, and to fit it well. People who install only are (usually) less interested in the long term outlook for the boiler.

We have not found consumer reports for boilers to be of much use, nor very accurate.

In general, beware cheapness. You cannot see most of the job, (in particular the Powerflush). On the subject of Powerflushing, unless your system has been powerflushed recently, it must be done well to avoid blockages in your new boiler. A blocked main or secondary heat exchange is not cheap to remedy and will not be covered under your warranty. We strongly recommend that a Magnaclean, or similar magnetic filter, is fitted to remove both remaining debris and any that may appear in the future.

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