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Boiler Repair Portsmouth

Breakdowns and Servicing Your Boiler

Do I need my boiler serviced?

Breakdowns and Servicing Your Boiler

We are often asked whether it is necessary to service boilers. The short answer is – “Yes”

Boilers run more efficiently and are safer with regular inspection and servicing. They are also much less prone to breakdowns.

For the last few years, all new boilers have been high efficiency condensing boilers.  These are undoubtably much more efficient – but only if they are set up correctly. We often find that they need adjusting during a service both to ensure that they continue to run, but also to get the maximum efficiency. And, with gas costing more and more, this has become very important. The other vital action during a condensing boiler service, is to check the condensate trap is clear. If this fills with debris, the boiler may either stop working – or flood.

Older boilers again get less efficient as they become dirty inside. We often see the end result of lack of servicing, the boiler starts to burn badly, with a yellow flame, and very quickly the main heat exchanger can clog up with soot. This is a long tedious and costly job to clean. The service will also spot an incipient problem such as a thermocouple starting to fail. These problems are better sorted out while the boiler is still working, rather than on a cold Saturday night in November!

All gas-burning appliances can be dangerous. A regular competent service ensures that the boiler is working safely, that it is not producing too much Carbon Monoxide and that the flue gasses are going where they should – out of the flue!

It is vital to ensure that the person maintaining your boiler is qualified, experienced and competent. At the very least they should be Gas Safe registered – this is a legal requirement - but also they should have a wealth of experience and knowledge to spot problems and potential problems during the service. We would normally recommend servicing during the summer/autumn so that the boiler is ready for the winter when it will start to work harder.

It is important to develop a relationship with a heating company. If you use the same company for your servicing, alterations etc; when you urgently need them they will come – and come quickly, sending the most appropriate person to cope with your problem.

If you think your boiler is getting due for a service, talk to Sara or Carla on 01243 370880. If you would just like to talk about your boiler or heating system, just call us and one of our engineers will be happy to call you back.

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